Young musicians from Kihnu Island

12 September 2017

We were delighted to welcome the group for our Monday morning assembly. Kihnu is a little island off the coast of Estonia and is listed as World Intangible Heritage of Humanity by the UNESCO for the unique expression of its culture through its folklore. In Kihnu, folk traditions are part of everyday life. Children are taught traditional musical instruments at school as well as Kihnu’s dialect. Women of all ages proudly wear the beautiful Kihnu dresses on a daily bases which we could admire during the assembly. Along with dances and songs, as Mrs Mare Mätas who is the leader of the island and the president of the Kihnu Cultural Space Foundation explained, knitting is one of the most important traditions on the island.  After giving us a short performance, children taught us some Kihnu dances.

Special thanks to Mrs Kersti Kirs from the Embassy of Estonia in London for helping us organize it.