The Art Of Wellbeing

30 October 2017

During their last Art lesson of term, the whole school participated in an introduction to ‘The Art Of Wellbeing’.

We used drawing as a tool to ‘Colouring My Life’ which was not about drawing a real thing but more about illustrating emotions in that moment in time.  We created a tranquil environment with relaxation music and lit scented candles to complete the effect.  Each child had a turn to smell and extinguish the candle safely with a candle snuffer. They also made their own relaxation eye masks that they wore when receiving a Story Massage from class  friends. At the end of the lesson the children lay their heads onto their crossed hands on the table, inhaling and exhaling slowly.

I think the whole day proved to be quite powerful, meditative and reflective. I can see that it gave the children happiness, confidence and  an understanding of their creativity and how that can help them in the overall wellbeing of their lives.