Pastoral Care at Hyde Park School

The pastoral care of pupils at Hyde Park School was judged as excellent following a recent SIS Inspection in June 2017.

The ethos of the school makes an excellent contribution to this area. The headteacher and senior leaders have established highly successfully a culture of care and kindness, of high expectations of learning and behaviour, and of valuing each pupil as an individual, for example through celebrating their achievements both at home and at school. Pupils respond extremely well to this philosophy and, as a result, their behaviour and attitudes to learning are outstanding. Parents praised this aspect of the school, saying it was ‘very special’. (SIS Review)

At Hyde Park School, we value each child as an individual.  Our family ethos and tight communication systems within the school and home ensure all the children’s needs are highlighted and catered for.

When welcoming new children to Hyde Park School, each child is provided with an induction pack which informs them about the teachers, what time the school day starts and ends, the correct uniform and most importantly where the rabbits live!  When beginning a new class, children are allocated a ‘buddy.’  Together, they will embark on a tour of the school where the important places are pointed out and information is provided about our ‘worry boxes’ and what they should do if they have a concern.  All children are informed that they can talk to any teacher about their worries; the Deputies and  Headmistress  is available to speak with all the children and ensures that they are aware of this through assemblies and PSHME lessons.

A worry box is located in our school hallway where children can write a note and post it in if they would like to talk to someone.  It is checked regularly and the Headmistress meets with any children who would like to chat.

PSHME lessons take place on a weekly basis for all year groups.  Topics change depending on current issues and needs of the children; however, general themes that we cover are friendships, coping with change, keeping safe, making the right choices, self-worth and self-esteem.  In addition to this, we follow a Mindfulness program where the children are taught ways in which to cope with and manage stress.  Hyde Park School aims to raise resilient, compassionate children.

There are two assemblies per week, one where current issues are discussed and another where achievements are celebrated.  Each week a child from every Form is chosen to be Star of the Week.  A special slideshow is shown for all to see and the Stars are able to sit on Top Table during lunch where they receive a special treat.  Parents are invited to our celebration assemblies and we love to see you there.

You will notice when you visit that we have a Kindness Tree along our entrance hall.  We teach the children to be kind, considerate and thoughtful members of the community and each time that they are shown to be doing this, they are awarded a kindness apple in assembly.  This hangs on the tree to show what they have achieved.

Every Hyde Park School pupil is a member of a House:  Albion, Connaught, Brompton or Gloucester.  House Captains provide inspiration for their Houses to gain points and win the termly challenge of receiving the most.  Every term, the winning House has a party and is able to wear their own clothes to school.  At the end of the school year, the overall winning House receives the School Cup in their honour.

At Hyde Park School, every pupil has a voice and following a democratic vote at the start of the year, a Pupil Council member is elected from every Form.  The Council meet each week to discuss ways to improve the school or introduce initiatives; for example, the children designed and made their own juice for all the children, staff and parents to have on their way in to school.  Children can share their ideas with Pupil Council members in order for this to be put to the Council for discussion.

The children are provided with opportunities to mix with different age groups.  Reading buddies are put in place across the school where different Forms assist with younger years.  Our Form 6 children frequently visit the Marble Arch site where they have ‘teaching days’ and assist with gardening and play.  The children have so much to offer and can learn huge amounts from one another, young and old.

Form 6 pupils are given increasing amounts of responsibility throughout their final year.  Not only do we have elections for Head Pupils, children are given roles such as ICT or Sports Captain.  Pupils are encouraged to take the lead with their roles and provide new initiatives in order to improve their department.  Each week, Form 6 pupils enjoy Tea and Toast with the Headmistress in her office.  They are taught basic etiquette and manners, including how to look after guests.  The children frequently have visitors join them for Tea and Toast including Heads from Senior Schools and even the Mayor of Westminster! In addition to this, in the summer term, the children have Life Skills lessons where they are taught to manage money, carry out basic cooking, think about careers for the future and even iron a shirt!

Healthy eating is promoted and encouraged at Hyde Park School.  The children are provided with delicious snacks and lunches by our amazing kitchen team, all of which are freshly prepared on the premises.  Each term, the children are given the chance to experiment with food, be it making bread, trying cheese or exotic fruit.

Hyde Park School has its very own Eco-Committee.  This is represented by pupils, teachers and parents.  They work together on a monthly basis to find ways in which to improve the school environment and how we can make it ‘greener.’   We recently had a competition between Lower School and Upper School to see who creates the least waste during lunch!