The life of Kitty Stella so far…

16 April 2016

Kitty Stella is a beloved cat that lives with Mrs Hilary Wyatt. She has brought us a lot of a joy over the past 5 months as she is a bit of a naughty cat. Many a time she has been caught on camera causing havoc and being mischievous.

Below she is sat with a toy she has stolen from the neighbour!



Sometimes Kitty Stella even brings in presents…. If you are a little squeamish then I would advise you to look away, as below is a picture of a worm she brought in.


Below is a picture of one of three toys she has stolen from the poodle next door. She goes into his garden at night, jumps over the fence and through the cat flap, delivering them.





This bird toy is almost the same size as Kitty Stella. She dragged it to her home from next door!


Here she is hiding under the carpet ready to jump out and scare Arthur. She is a clever cat!