All Green Thumbs at Hyde Park School!

31 July 2017

A team of 8 budding gardeners at Hyde Park School have been competing for the ‘RHS School Gardening Team of the Year 2017’. The team consists of 8 pupils headed by Isabel Mouzo the Deputy Head of Pre-prep. Ms Mouzo believes that “Our team make exemplary gardeners because they not only care for our garden but are always excited to learn more and be young gardeners themselves. They are always eager to water the plants and discuss how the plants are growing with the other pupils. We have a school garden coordinator who plans weekly activities for the whole school and prepares the resources that we use when doing these activities.”

Here is our beautiful garden.

The team have been working continuously in the vegetable/herb garden looking after the plants and helping them to grow. They also love finding garden creatures and calling their peers over to look at their amazing discoveries. ‘Below is a photo of the pupils discussing their new findings in the garden!

The children also took part in planting herb seeds and flowers in the classroom in preparation for the summer herb sale. Each day the children would come to school and call their friends over to analyse how the flowers and herbs were progressing. They worked as a team and pro-actively taking turns to water the seeds. The team also enjoy coming up with creative ways to look after the many insects and other creatures that call the garden their home. For example, on February when it was cold, our team used bird seed to create bird cakes to feed the birds. They each chose a place in the garden to hang their bird cake and were very proud of them.

The pupils are also currently learning about environmental issues and the children have learnt how trees are important because they release oxygen for us to breathe, an Eco-committee in which parents have become involved has also been created. Together we will be working to decide on how to make our school more environmentally friendly. The parents involved in the Eco-committee also come in to school to teach lessons to the children during important dates such as, Earth Day.

Overall, the team are creative, curious, nurturing and fun gardeners who love what they do. They have already achieved Level  5 of the RHS Gardening Schools scheme and the team are very proud for doing so.