Form 3 and 4 Trip to Woodrow High House

3 July 2018

Last week Form 3 and 4 went to Woodrow High House in Amersham for their residential and everyone had an incredible time. One of our favourite activities was the night line, where we were blindfolded and then we had to guide our team through the woods. It helped us develop our communication skills as we had to describe the obstacles to the children who were following behind. We also enjoyed the challenge course where we worked together to help each other over the Great Wall. It was incredible to see what we could achieve when we planned, discussed our ideas and when we cooperated. We had to persevere and overcome our fears as well. Archery was another very popular activity where the children learnt new skills and just how important it is to focus. We also enjoyed many other activities like the drumming, building rockets and singing round the campfire. All of us learnt new skills, but we also became more confident and independent. All of the things we practised at camp are things that will help us in our learning at school.