Pre-Preparatory Curriculum

Pre-Preparatory Curriculum

Curriculum that inspires learning

Early Years Philosophy

Within the walls of the garden the children are provided with a safe and secure learning environment where they can experience the joy of childhood in the fresh air; exploring, climbing, sliding, jumping and running in our wonderful outdoor space. Classrooms are bright and colorful displays ensure that the indoor environment is also stimulating. Pupils’ work adorns the walls and the kindness tree near the school entrance celebrates particular acts of kindheartedness, such as sharing ones toys or including someone new in a game.

Early Years at Marble Arch

Children can start in one of our nursery classes at the beginning of the term in which they will have their third birthday. They will be in small classes with well-qualified and experienced early years’ professionals; all of our teaching staff are trained in Paediatric First Aid.  During their time in the nursery class some children will come to school every day whereas others will gradually increase their sessions ready for full time attendance in the reception class.

Nursery and Reception constitute the second phase of the Early Years Foundation Stage which can be divided into 7 key areas of learning:

Prime Areas

Personal, social and emotional development
Physical development
Communication and language

Specific Areas

Understanding of the world
Expressive art and design

The Early Learning Goals in each of the seven areas are achieved through a mixture of structured and free play activities and are interspersed with more formal methods of teaching where appropriate. When they are ready, the children begin to learn to read and write using the Jolly Phonic method.  Our more advanced children will begin to work on aspects of the Year 1 curriculum and they will be given the opportunity to attend some lessons atthe Prep School if they are ready. We are committed to providing extra support to those who need it but also to challenging our more able pupils.