Admissions and registration at Hyde Park School

Children can join Hyde Park School from the term that they turn 2. Children can then stay at our beautiful Marble Arch site until the end of the Reception year (age 5).

We are aware that selecting the right school can be stressful, and that your child may be upset by being left in a strange place so, instead of having a formal assessment for our nursery and Reception children, we invite you to bring them with you for a tour of the school, or to one of our very popular ‘taster days’.

As your child is playing in our large sandpit, or sliding down the slide, we can discuss any worries you may have and we can make sure that we are the right school for your son or daughter.

We understand that children may feel shy at first so we are careful to make sure they are feeling relaxed and happy before asking them to take the tests. We then select pupils on both their academic potential and on their personal qualities; we welcome polite, well-mannered children who know how to share and make friends.

We can support pupils who have English as an additional language as we have a specialist team who understand their needs. Some of our highest achievers come to the school with little spoken English and within a term are speaking and writing fluently.

We can assure you that you will have a warm welcome when you come to visit us. We look forward to meeting you soon.

Before your child is due to start at Hyde Park School they will be invited to attend an informal assessment. This is an opportunity for the class teacher to meet your child and for them to meet some of their class friends. During this time we like to find out more about children’s likes and dislikes and this is achieved through consulting with the parents or carer, together with teacher’s observations.

We have a settling in policy, although this is adapted to meet the needs of individual children and is discussed with the parents accordingly; we value children’s individual needs we understand that ‘one hat’ does not fit all.

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