School Life

Excellence from start to finish

We mean what we say: we aim for excellence in everything we do. Although that does not mean  that we are a hot house where examination results dominate every moment of the day. Far from it! When you visit the school, you will see that we encourage our pupils to take risks and experiment, and to understand that this is the best way to learn.

We believe that our role is to help your child grow into a valuable, thoughtful citizen. We develop each child’s abilities, interests and skills, alert to their particular talents.

The education we provide at Hyde Park School is ambitious academically and our pupils never get the chance to become complacent about what they know. We challenge them to expand their learning, dig deeper, look wider, and they respond with a joy in learning that is positively infectious.

Our school welcomes children from many backgrounds and cultures, and one of our great strengths is the way that we learn from each other, discovering different ways of seeing the world and of understanding it. This curiosity is at the heart of our whole approach: we are endlessly fascinated and always want to know more.

“The pupils behave outstandingly well and mature into confident, articulate and exceptionally well mannered young people.”

School Inspection Service June, 2017